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Place yourself in our expert hands and we will make personal recommendations drawing upon our very own experiences and established relationships with the most trusted travel companies.

Owner, manager and lead travel consultant, Patty Font, has led the Augusta Travel Agency team for over 34 years since graduating from Niagara University with a Bachelor’s degree in Transportation, Travel, and Tourism.

Incorporated in Augusta, Georgia in 1988, Patty and her staff have provided their expertise to thousands of travelers. Travel has been her life, and she and her professionally trained travel agents will plan the perfect trip for you, your group or your company. Licensed, accredited, bonded, Augusta Travel Agency provides every traveler personal attention—support you simply do not have with online travel services. Patty loves to travel herself and has visited 27 foreign countries. Her professionalism along with first-hand knowledge are the ingredients that make for a superbly planned trip.

Patty’s staff is equally skilled. Travel advisor Ginny Connolly McNutt has been orchestrating superb individual, family and corporate travel itineraries for almost 20 years. Every traveler is treated with professionalism seldom found through online booking sites or other travel agencies.


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